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NORD-T: Afloat with Folkboat [Luomu]

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Thousands of lakes and picturesque archipelagos dot the Nordic land. With some big body of water always on the way, people here use boats to get around. The folkboat is the traditional ‘vehicle’ for hopping from island to island and commuting to the main shores. In July, when the weather is warm, there is no better activity than setting the folkboat boat on the calm sea and just relaxing, while the rich scents of summer nature surround you. For us Nordic people, nettle, birch, and strawberries mean summer. Added to this tea is also our national goodie taste – licorice- for a full-bodied tea drinking experience.

This is a semi-sweet infusion with deep but delicate flavours, which layer richly on the palate. No caffeine or otherwise stimulating effects. Perfect after dinner or just before bedtime. Hint! Make a cold brew and you get the best iced tea!

Ingredients: strawberry, birch leaf, nettle, licorice root.

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