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TeeMaa Tea House is a place where you can explore and experience tea with the guidance of our tea specialists. At TeeMaa, you can rest assured that you are on the cutting edge of expert tea. Welcome!

Gongfu Tea On the Table

We are passionate about brewing tea, and we want to infuse the same passion for our guests by making every kind of tea through the optimal method. For many teas, this means the Chinese Gongfu brewing style, where a small amount of water is brewed with a relatively large amount of leaves, which allows tea to express themselves the best. We also make Japanese teas in their original and typical way in Japan: gyokuro is made in a susuricha style with a small amount of warm water, and in matcha we make a nice dense foam.

TeeMaa strives to offer excellent quality teas, unique selection and great service. Additional brews (which are usually plentiful) are included in the price.

No Additives! We believe that tea is at its best without artificial aromas. Except for a couple of logical exceptions (Earl Gray & Milk Scented Oolong), none of our teas or herbal blends are scented with synthetic aroma, but all aromas and flavours come from the natural ingredients or traditional scents (smoke and jasmine flowers). We blend many of the spices with tea ourselves and always use good quality tea as the basis. So our spiced tea is also a premium item.:)

Teen Ystävät ry (Tea Friends Association) Certificate of Honour

In 2016, TeeMaa received the Certificate of Honor from Teen Ystävät ry. The reasons for awarding the certificate were: "The tea list is with a wide variety and the tea is brewed with skill and passion. The interior of the place is cozy, charming and adding to the enjoyment of tea."

We thank Teen Ystävät ry for this great honor and will continue to strive to be an award-winning tea room!

Peng Luo

Peng Luo, founder of TeeMaa

She grew up at the countryside of Anhua, which is a famous tea region for “Hunan Heicha” fermented dark tea. She received her tea education in Changsha Art of Tea School in 2012.

Xinyuan Sui

Xinyuan Sui, joined TeeMaa in 2015

She found her passion of tea during her journey of researching China’s traditional culture, when she was studying in Oulu University in Finland. She received her tea education in Zhengzhou Art of Tea School in 2014.