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TeeMaa Tea School: "Deep-dive" Oolong Workshop Series (FULL)

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All 3 Workshops, 60 € (save 30 €) (FULL) +32.15 $
Workshop No. 1 Phoenix Dancong Oolong, 2nd August (FULL)
Workshop No. 2 Taiwanese Oolong, 9th August (FULL)
Workshop No. 3 Cliff Oolong, 16th August (FULL)

Tuotetta ei voi lisätä ostoskoriin, koska se ei ole myynnissä tällä hetkellä tai muusta syystä johtuen.
Tuotetta ei voi lisätä ostoskoriin, koska se ei ole myynnissä tällä hetkellä tai muusta syystä johtuen.

Tuotteen kuvaus

If you want to dive deep into Oolong teas, this workshop series is perfect for you!
We prepared 3 workshops to introduce different types of Oolong based on regions. In each workshop, you will be able to taste 6-7 different Oolong teas and get equipped with a comprehensive understanding of this genre of teas. We aim at enabling you to carry on exploring the world of Oolong with more confidence and clarify!

Workshop Agenda:
In all 3 workshops, we will cover the following aspects in relation to the specific region that is introduced:
- General introduction of Oolong as a category, and its history and development in different regions
- Regional types of Oolong and its origin
- Regional cultivars, plantation and processing
- Compare representative Oolong teas from each region, 5 - 7 different kinds, to understand the aroma and taste characteristics of that region
- Brewing analysis Oolong with different tea-wares


Workshop No.1

Phoenix Dancong Oolong from Guangdong China - “Tea Drunk on the flower meadow”

One of the most memorable things about the Doncong type of Oolong is its crazily intoxicating fragrances! The fragrance is often shadowing the equally excellent and rich flavors and mouthfeel. As Doncong has been Peng's favorite type of tea, she will be the host of this workshop and guide us through the interesting selection.

Tea menu:
- “Honey Orchid Fragrance” (Mi Lan Xiang)
- “Duck Shit Fragrance” (Ya Shi Xiang)
- “Yellow Gardenia Fragrance” (Huang Zhi Xiang)
- “Mountain Sweetness” ( Aged Oolong Shan Gan)
- Hong Yin
- Local Wild Red Tea made with same raw leaves as Oolong

Time: 13.00, August 2nd (Sunday)
Duration: 2,5 h
Language: English


Workshop No.2

Oolong Teas from Taiwan - Amazingly wide variety

It's not surprising that Taiwan enjoys an international reputation for excellent Oolong teas. It has both inherited the tradition of Oolong and made various innovations. Xinyuan will take on this topic and present to you the charms of Taiwanese Oolong both in the dimension of its rich history and culture and in the dimension of the excellence of individual teas.

Tea menu:
- Everspring
- Yushan High Mountain Oolong
- Yushan High Mountain Roasted
- Dongding Oolong
- Gaba Oolong
- Oriental Beauty or Bai Hao Oolong ("White Haired Oolong")
(Optional) - Ruby 18 red tea from Taiwan

Time: 13.00, August 9th (Sunday)
Duration: 2,5 h
Language: English

Workshop No.3

Cliff Oolong from Fujian - Back to the origin of the Oolong legacy

In the last workshop, let’s come back to the birthplace of Oolong, Wuyi mountain area in Fujian. We will explore how the charcoal roasting technique has been perfected while savoring six teas with “skeleton of the rock and fragrance of flowers”.

Tea menu:
- “Big Red Robe” cultivar (Da Hong Pao)
- “Chinese Narcissus” cultivar (Shui Xian)
- “Chinese Cassia” cultivar (Rou Gui)
- “Hundred Harmony Fragrance” cultivar (Bai Rui Xiang)
- Aged Cliff Oolong
- Local Wild Red Tea

Time: 13.00, August 16th (Sunday)
Duration: 2,5 h
Language: English

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