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Japanese Side-handled Teapot without lid

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The design is developed by tea growers in collaboration with craftsmen. The tea strainer keeps the tea leaves and you can brew multiple times. Suitable for 3 people (180 - 200 ml) but holds a maximum of 350 ml.

Advantages of this teapot without lid:

Only one hand is needed

You can see how the tea leaves straighten

Easy to clean

Has a built-in tea strainer

Tea leaves and water stay within the kyusu when serving tea. (This special design is calculated by the inventors who are tea growers and teapot craftsmen.)

After serving, the temperature in the teapot gets colder faster than teapots with lids. Therefore, the tea leaves become less steamed, so that you can brew better at the next brew. It helps the tea leaves not continue to oxidize in between breaks.

Can be used as Water Cooler ("Yuzamashi" in Japanese.), Speed ​​that can be especially used to cool hot water to a suitable temperature.

Inspirationally stylish and practical shape.

NOTE! Hand wash, no detergent.

Material: Ceramic. Tokoname-yaki.
Made in Tokoname, Japan

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