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Online TeeMaa Workshop: "the Graceful Queen" - White Tea + Gongfu Brewing

Online TeeMaa Workshop: "the Graceful Queen" - White Tea + Gongfu Brewing

Online TeeMaa Workshop: "the Graceful Queen" - White Tea + Gongfu Brewing

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Workshop Kit with Porcelain Gaiwan, 50 €
Workshop Kit without Porcelain Gaiwan -15.00 €

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The delicate and graceful taste of white tea has charmed many tea lovers! This time, we're ready to dive deep into white tea category. In this workshop, we will taste 4 white teas from Fujian, 2 from Yunnan province in China and 1 from Nepal. At the same time, we will provide an in-depth introduction on white teas' cultivation, production, nutrition composition, evaluation and more!

Workshop Agenda:

- General introduction of white tea as a category, and its history and development
- China's oldest white tea region: Fujian
- White tea's Regional cultivars, plantation and processing
- White tea's nutrition values and health benifits
- How to evaluate the grades of Fujian white tea
- White tea's storing and aging
- Different ways of brewing and enjoying white tea


Tea menu (some are exclusively for this tasting)

Fujian white:
1. Silver Needle, year 2014
2. White Peony King, cake, year 2014
3. Shoumei, year 2014
4. Aged white tea cake, year 2011

Yunnan white:

5. Moonlight white, cake, 2019
6. White Magic, cake, 2019

Nepal white :

7. Silver Tips, 2020


Time: 11.00, November 21st (Saturday)
Duration: 2 - 2.5 h
Language: English



We are holding this workshop via a video call. Workshop Kit will be delivered to your home or to be picked up from TeeMaa, and the join link to the video call will be sent to your email 1 - 2 days before the tasting.

Workshop Kit includes:

- 10 g x 7 different white teas

- White porcelain Gaiwan, as shown in the photo. (if you don't own a Gaiwan yet)

Note: Due to the delicate nature of white tea, Gaiwan is the best way to appreciate it more fully. With Gaiwan brewing, there are so much more aromas, tastes, mouthfeel etc. that will be presented to you! We believe that Gaiwan holds the key to the world of fine tea. ;) So in this workshop, we will brew all the teas with Gaiwan.

If you're new to Gongfu brewing or Gaiwan, join us on our Instagran Live this Friday (6.11.2020) at 11 am, or watch it later on IGTV, to learn how to brew with Gaiwan.

What to prepare?

- a video call device
- a water heating solution, optionally a thermometer
- a Gaiwan
- a cup or mug that holds more than 1 dl of water (to pour the tea from Gaiwan directly to it for drinking)
- a big bowl or any container to pour waste water into

How to order the workshop?

If delivering the Tasting Kit through Post Office, please order before Monday 16th of November. If picking up the Tasting Kit from TeeMaa, please make sure you will have time to pick up the kit before the tasting. ;)

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