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USUHA Unground Matcha Leaves (Tencha)

USUHA Unground Matcha Leaves (Tencha)

USUHA Unground Matcha Leaves (Tencha)
USUHA Unground Matcha Leaves (Tencha)

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TENCHA is a special kind of Japanese green tea, which is ready to be ground into Matcha powder. 

Tencha itself is made from leaves that are shaded for over 20 days. Then the stalk and veins of the leaf are taken away, only the soft part of the leaf is left.

In Japan, this “Usuha unground Matcha leaves” is recommended to be sprinkled over rice to make a bowl of chazuke or brown tinted rice (Chameshi) full of a pleasant green tea aroma rather than making tea for drinking purpose. 

Of course we have also tried it brewing like other green teas. These 2 different grades tencha is mouthwatering soft and umami rich when brewing. A curious opportunity to brew what is becoming matcha, but the aroma, taste and feelings are quite different comparing with whisking up a bowl of matcha. 

Net weight: 20 g

About Marukyu Koyamaen (丸久小山園):

Marukyu Koyamaen is a highly regarded tea grower, procurer and tea blender located in the heart of Uji, Kyoto, with over 300 years history dating back to 1704. Generation after generation, Marukyu Koyamaen has offered the highest quality matcha and loose leaf teas, through the upmost respect for traditional know-how and the consistent improvement of modern technology.

TeeMaa is honored to be its retailer in Finland, providing such wonderful delicacy of tea to tea lovers in Finland and the rest of Europe. We also want to share Marukyu Koyamaen's spirit, dedication and love of tea traveling through three centuries in time.

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